İbrahim Ethem Tolun was an important business man and olive oil producer at the time. He was born in 1923, when Turkish Republic was established. He was determined, industrious and active person just like the citizens of newly established Turkish Republic. He passed away at the age of 58, which is relatively short, but he lived his life to the fullest.

First, he completed his primary education in Balıkesir. Then, he finished his secondary education in Haydarpaşa High School in İstanbul. He enrolled in Robert College High School which is now a part of Boğaziçi University Campus. However, Ethem Bey’s ( Mr. Tolun ) grandfather wanted Ethem in Karaağaç to work there with him. He said:

Bring me my grandson, I will raise him and teach him the job.

Thereupon, Ethem Bey dropped out of high school and went back to the village. By necessity, he began to work in 1938 and he was given a horse-drawn vehicle. His grandfather raised him. He started from scratch as an apprentice and he worked so hard. He ran olive oil factory in Karaağaç until 1950 and in 1950, he established Turkey’s first integrated vegetable oil factory in Havran. Apart from that factory, he ran a soap factory in Burhaniye.

During his bussiness life ( 48 years ) he had always been among important names of sector with his lifelong innovator and entrepreneur attitude. He had been the supplier of producers for years that are located in Turkey and had a national brand value. He had been the first president of Burhaniye Chamber Of Commerce. He did his duty (President of Olive and Olive Oil Commision) successfully in EBSO ( Aegean Region Chamber of Industry ).

Because of having an intensive business life since his early ages, his body got tired, weak and he had lung cancer in 1981 and after a little while, he passed away…